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About Us

the Story and People Behind MOXIE

MOXIE Management was founded in 2017 by David Wolber, a real estate investor, entrepreneur and veteran.


What began as an effort to help out a fellow veteran with a sudden real estate management need quickly grew into a passion for David. Today it has become a family business that he runs with his wife, Jessica, along with their own real estate ventures and other professional pursuits. 
Meet the MOXIE Management team below, and read more of our backstory.

David Wolber
​David Wolber,

From Rock Falls, Illinois Dave has always been interested in construction. He worked locally in residential building and remodeling, then joined the Submarine Navy ending up in Groton by 2003. At 23 Dave bought his first property, lighting up the spark of real estate that would turn into MOXIE Management by 2017.

Paul Bourque,


Born in Waterford, CT, Paul Bourque Jr. brings a background of property management and entrepreneurial skills to MOXIE. He enjoys being outside; hiking, swimming, biking, and enduring the elements of New England. Paul is responsible for maintaining good working order of all properties and is readily available if you ever need something fixed. He has a few properties of his own, and is striving to expand his real estate presence.

Alba Aguilar,

Maintenance Coordinator 

Born in El Salvador, Alba is our maintenance coordinator. Alba comes to MOXIE with a background in the property management industry. She has a solid commitment to deliver exceptional customer support to all. In her personal time she takes great pleasure in exploring towns, national parks, and the diverse flora and fauna that they offer. She enjoys going to the beach, swimming activities, and appreciates the beauty of sunsets with her friends.

Rowan Stacy,

Administrative Manager

From Griswold, Connecticut, Rowan Stacy is an administrative assistant with a passion for taking care of people. She has an extensive customer service background and has tried her hand at entrepreneurship as well. Rowan is currently MOXIE’s Administrative Manager: handling a good portion of tenant and owner communications, greeting anyone who comes into the office and addressing their inquiries, as well as record keeping, some bookkeeping, and managing office needs. When Rowan is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her children and significant other exploring their current hometown of New London, CT, video games, and she is an avid reader who also enjoys studying languages. She is also currently studying for a degree in Human Resource with hopes of becoming a Human Resources Manager.

Gabriela photo.jpg
Gabriela Torres,

Administrative Assistant

Born in El Salvador, Gabriela embarked on her professional journey in 2017 within the realm of customer service. With a passion for providing exceptional customer experiences she started her journey as a frontline representative. She quickly found that she was gifted with an innate ability to empathize with customers' needs and resolve issues promptly and effectively. Currently, Gabriela serves as a key member of our sister company MOXIE Landscaping. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the beach or the mountains and she loves to listen and watch true-crime podcasts.

Sarah Hansen,


Born in Westerly, RI, Sarah Hansen brings an extensive Accounting and Financial Management background to MOXIE. With a keen eye for detail, her responsibilities include: overseeing the overall financial data, ledger entries and reporting for MOXIE. When she’s not managing MOXIE's financials, she enjoys sailing her boat, traveling, and spending time with her two horses at her childhood home in North Stonington, CT. Sarah also runs her own business and is striving to expand her personal financial portfolio with the aspiration to begin her own financial firm one day.



In 2017, a US Navy Lieutenant stationed in Groton, CT purchased a 4-family investment property.  But just four months later, he was informed he was going to be stationed on the opposite coast.  He didn't want to sell his property, but like any good real estate investor he also knew he couldn't manage it on his own from afar.

Hiring a property manager was his only option.  But in the southeastern CT area, most property management companies wanted nothing to do with small investor properties; and those that did were at capacity.  Panicked and becoming desperate, he posted a request online.  


Enter David Wolber, a fellow Navy veteran and real estate investor.  David replied to the post and discussions begin about the possibility of forming a business to manage the property.  And thus, MOXIE was born.  Today MOXIE provides various levels of property management services for all types of properties and property owners, from single-family homes, duplexes, and six-family properties to commercial office spaces.

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