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Here's What to Know Before You Apply

Please note:

It is extremely important to read through all the information below BEFORE submitting your application.

There are four basic categories that we use to identify qualified tenants or co-signers for a property. We do not use a first come, first served basis. Each applicant is evaluated on the following criteria:

Income Verification

The applicant’s gross monthly income (pre-tax) should be greater than or equal to 3-times the monthly rental rate, while a co-signer’s must be greater than or equal to 4-times the monthly rental rate. An applicant’s ability to meet this requirement may be adjusted depending on the following conditions: Length of Employment Job Stability – Continued future employment with the company Years in Industry – Has the applicant recently switched careers?

Credit History

The applicant or co-signer must pass the credit check requirements. We are specifically trying to determine if there is a possibility of future problems. The items we examine include: Credit Rating Payment history – Current status is preferred. Collections on utilities are a RED flag. Bankruptcy – Length of time since filing and the current status of accounts acquired/maintained thereafter. Judgments/Unlawful Detainers (Eviction) – Any unlawful detainer or judgment owed to a former landlord is a RED flag.

Current and Past Residency

We seek to acquire rental references for an applicant’s current residence, as well as their previous residences, going back a minimum of 3 years. We also examine a co-signers rental/home ownership history. The following are questions we ask Landlords regarding an applicant’s current and past residency: Does/did the applicant pay on time? Number of late pays? Frequent late pays will disqualify an applicant. Any 3-day Pay or Vacate notices served? 3-day pay or vacate notices/evictions lead to an automatic disqualification. Was proper notice to vacate given? Any pets? Type and number? What was the behavior of pets? Was any damage done by the pets? Were there any complaints? If so, what for and what was the frequency? If applicable, was their full deposit refunded? If not, for what reasons were funds withheld? Would you re-rent to them? If not, why? The answer to this question may result disqualification.

Background Check

We perform a background check to see if there are items that may be of concern. These include: Felonies, convictions, and other criminal charges Public records Current and past state/court records Registered or unregistered sex offender status

If you are not confident that you qualify or if you have any questions,
please contact us at (860) 629-8970.  ALL APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, so we advise that you contact us PRIOR to applying to discuss your specific situation and concerns and ask any questions.

Confident that you qualify?

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